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On 25th January I emailed you again as the replica rolex watches returned to your premises was sent from Scotland on 9th January so should have been received at least 10-14 days ago. A lady called tracy assured me that she would inform me when the replica rolex watches arrived and new one dispatched to my home address. I would appreciated a reply by return. But I am sure you can realise that as the replica rolex watches were bought and paid for at beginning of December, could you not just send out a replacement as soon as possible, as its almost 3 months now since paying, if not could you just refund my payment please. I can assure you that package has definately been sent to yourselves so as a goodwill gesture, I would be olbiged if you could NEW replica rolex watches by return or refund. I would have no problem paying £ 20, but does that mean that you will ship the rolex replica watches uk (in perfect working order) over to me, then when it is seen to be working correctly I will forward on a cheque to yourselves for £ 20 with shipping tracking numbers etc. I will pay £ 20 via paypal if you send instructions to whom it is payable etc. Then you can contact me with details of order no and shipping no to track parcel. I have just sent £ 20.00 by PayPal to I trust you will now let me know that you have received payment and have indeed shipped new rolex replica watches uk out to myself with tracking numbers etc so i am able to track parcel. Look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Name and address supplied again below. Email below was sent to you on 15th February 2012 and as yet I have had no reply. I have paid £ 20 by paypal as requested and you had assured me new rolex replica watches uk would be sent out by return and that you would inform me of this with package tracking number etc. As yet i have had no correspondence back from yourselves so I would like to hear from you by return what the situation is.

I collected the rolex replica watches from post office yesterday ( 18/5/11) and very impressed with quality, however I have encountered a problem. When I tried to change the date, the date got stuck between 16/17 and would not move no matter what I did, but as a result of this the hour hand will not pass 2 oclock even if you try to do it manualy with the crown it is solid. If you set the rolex replica watches sale before 2 it works but will not go past the 2.